Home Purchase

Once you have chosen the apartment that suits you the best, you may give an offer which must consist of 3 points:

1) Price.
2) Terms of payment - what installments you are ready to make.
3) Vacating date - when do you wish to get possession of the property.

This offer is conveyed to the seller and a negotiation takes place.
When the terms are verbally agreed you need to chose a lawyer.
If necessary, I will suggest a few lawyers and you can make your choice.
You may have a contact of your own.
The lawyers will be introduced to one another and usually the sellers lawyer draws up the contract.
Your lawyer will do a title search and check all the details of the registration.
It will go back and forth until both parties are satisfied. At this stage there is a signing which in Israel is regarded as the "closing".
Immediately after the signing a caution is issued in your name which ensures that the seller cannot sell the apartment to a third party.
If you are not in Israel your lawyer can sign for you with a power of attorney.