Jerusalem Pearl

The Wolfson Towers complex comprises 5 high towers and terraced apartments. All in all about 350 units which are managed by a management company.

The services provided by the management are :

1) 24 hour security with cameras at every entrance monitored by a guard

2) Constant hot water through the year and heating in the winter

3) Cleaning of the common area every day

4) Central garbage disposers on all floors

5) Running of the 2 elevators in each building,one being a shabbat elevator

6) Structural insurance

These facilities provide a safe, well maintained, pleasant environment.

The views are spectacular facing either west to the Knesset and the Israel museum or east to Shaarei Chesed.

The easy  access is without steps which provides for wheelchairs if necessary.

In the complex is a commercial center with a large supermarket, coffee shop, pharmacy, medical clinic, travel agent, women's gym and a money changer.

The Wolfson Towers complex is exclusive and high class, fully airconditioned and heated, quiet and low key, very pleasant and user friendly.